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Please note: If you just want to stay in touch with TMF Reference Model developments, you do not need to join the group; please come back to this site regularly for updates, join the TMF Reference Model LinkedIn group or join our subscribers list….. or all three! If you are on our subscribers list, you will receive regular updates on the project and will be invited to our six-weekly general meetings.

We would really welcome you onto the project team BUT we would only like you to join if you have the time and the interest to join team meetings and to participate in team activities. If you think you will struggle to find the time, it would be better for you and for us if you simply joined as a subscriber (see link above).

If you do not join a sub-group, you will be removed from

The leaders of each team will regularly review who is participating; those who are not participating will be removed from membership.

Ready to join?
The process for joining the team and becoming a full member of the TMF Reference Model Project has changed. You will need to go to our GROUPS.IO portal page. Joining the project happens in two stages:

[1] Signing up to
[2] Joining one or more sub-teams

[1] Signing up to
Click on the link “Apply For Membership In This Group” at the bottom of the GROUPS.IO portal page to sign up. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with the subject heading “Confirm Your Subscription“. You need to reply to the email to validate your subscription request. Following validation, you will receive an automated email welcoming you to Do not re-apply if you are already a member. If you are already a member and wish to use a different email address, login to your account and modify the email address that is registered with your account. Important: You must proceed to the next stage within 4 weeks otherwise your membership will be terminated as a non-active member.

Note: If you do not receive these emails within 24 hours of submitting a subscription request, the emails have been blocked by your own mailbox spam filter, your corporate spam filter or your employer’s firewall or other IT policy settings. You will need to resolve this issue with your IT colleagues; unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our side to resolve this.

[2] Joining one or more sub-teams
Once you have signed up, head back to the GROUPS.IO portal page and login. You will now see a menu option headed “Subgroups”.  Click on this menu option to display a list of all the project sub-groups that are currently active. The sub-group names should be self-explanatory but if you do need an explanation, just click on one of the names listed. Each sub-group has its own page which gives a short explanation regarding the purpose of the group. When you have identified a sub-group that you wish to join, just click on the link/button that says “Apply For Membership In This Group”.

What happens next?
Your sub-group leader will receive your request to join his/her specific team and you’ll receive notification once they have accepted your request. In some circumstances, you request may be denied e.g. the team may not require any additional members or has already completed their work. As sub-group leaders are all volunteers, it may sometimes take a few days for them to process your request….. please be patient!

How much does membership cost?
There is no charge for joining the project other than your time. Colleagues give of their time very generously so we politely ask that you do not waste their time by asking to join and then not getting involved. If you just want to be kept up-to-date with news etc, join our newsletter mailing list instead (see subscribe link in the right-hand panel).

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