TMF Reference Model Steering Committee

The TMF Reference Model Steering Committee comprises 14 people who are elected* by registered members of the Reference Model Project Team (only those actively participating during the preceding year in official working groups of the TMF Reference Model Project are entitled to vote in elections). Steering Committee members serve three-year terms which are set-up so that around a third of the Committee stand down each year. The Steering Committee is governed by the Steering Committee Charter.

Current members of the Committee are:

Name Company Member Type Term Expires
Paul Fenton Montrium Vendor 31-Mar-2021
Wendy Trimboli Eisai Biopharma 31-Mar-2021
David Ives Vertex Biopharma 31-Mar-2021
Kathie Clark Wingspan Vendor 31-Mar-2021
Russell Joyce Heath Barrowcliff Consulting Consultant 31-Mar-2021
Eldin Rammell Rammell Consulting Consultant 31-Mar-2019
Karen Roy Phlexglobal Vendor 31-Mar-2019
Allison Varjavandi Astellas Biopharma 31-Mar-2019
Marie-Christine Poisson-Carvajal Pfizer Biopharma 31-Mar-2019
Jamie Toth Daiichi Sankyo Biopharma 31-Mar-2020
Scott McCulloch InClin CRO 31-Mar-2020
Fran Ross Paragon Consulting Vendor 31-Mar-2020
Lisa Mulcahy Mulcahy Consulting Consultant 31-Mar-2020
Todd Tullis Veeva Vendor 31-Mar-2020

In addition to the Steering Committee, a Technical Administrator role has been proposed (read ROLE DESCRIPTION).

*Elections are conducted on a ‘first past the post‘ basis, with candidates receiving the most votes filling the vacancies available. However, the Charter limits the committee member composition for any one sector or voting block (e.g. BioPharma, CRO, Vendor, Consultant) to no more than 50% of the committee. If voting results in this 50% limit being reached, any further candidates from that block will be unable to take up a position irrespective of the number of votes cast for them. In these circumstances, candidates from other blocks with the next highest number of votes cast will join the committee.

Joining the Committee
The Steering Committee has been established so that about a third of members have their term of office expiring each year. About 6-8 weeks before these terms expire, a call will be sent out to members of the Reference Model Project asking for self-nominations. A strict deadline will be included in the notification. Sometimes, the call for nominations may also be circulated via our Yahoo!Groups discussion board or via our Subscriber mailing list to ensure all members see the request but nominations are limited to members who have been involved on the project during the previous 12 months. Our list of current members is held on our project collaboration system. So, you may have lots of enthusiasm and experience in the TMF world and might even regularly join our general meetings, but if you’ve not been registered as a member during the previous 12 months, you’ll not qualify to be nominated for the Steering Committee. As detailed elsewhere on this site, membership is for people who are willing and have the time to participate in our activities. So if you just sign-up and then do nothing, you’ll likely be removed. We think it is important and fair that if you want a say in how the project operates, you need to have at least 12 months recent experience of working with us. So, if you meet these criteria and you submit your nomination before the deadline, you’ll be accepted onto the list of candidates for vacant positions.

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