TMF Reference Model Review Period Open

At the TMF Reference Model Project team meeting today (Nov 17), the review period to prepare for v3 of the Reference Model was formally opened. All interested parties – whether members of the Reference Model Project or not – are encouraged to provide feedback on their use of v2.0 of the TMF Reference Model.

A spreadsheet template has been produced by the Steering Committee to capture feedback. Reviewers are asked to provide feedback in three areas (represented by three separate spreadsheets within the feedback workbook):

  • suggestions for NEW artifacts that they think are not currently included within the Reference Model;
  • feedback on existing artifacts within the Reference Model (comments on any of the columns within the existing model); or
  • general feedback about use of the model.

Feedback is requested by December 20, following which the zone teams will meet to review the feedback submitted. Instructions for completing and submitting the feedback are contained within the feedback template. Please also direct any other queries to:

f e e d b a c k @ t m f r e f m o d e l . c o m



Author: rammellel

Records management consultant to the life sciences / pharmaceutical industry

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